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Your Guide to Good, Clean and Fair Food Throughout Miami
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Foodstuff Services (back to top)
For more local foodstuff services and info on all our listings see Local Food South Florida
  • Local Grower CSAs
    CSA basics: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables or other farm products. Interested consumers purchase a share ("membership" or a "subscription") and, in return, receive a portion of seasonal products each week throughout the farming season at an economical value.  But the rewards go way beyond the combined buying power. Everyone benefits!
    Farmers: spend time marketing their produce early in the year, before long days on the farm begin; receive payment early in the season, assisting with farm cash flow; and get a chance to know their consumers on a personal level.
    Customers: eat ultra-fresh food, with all the original flavor & vitamin benefits; are exposed to new produce & ways of cooking; find children enjoy food from "their" farm - even eat veggies they've never liked before; develop a relationship with the farmer & learn more about how their food is produced. Many even get inspired to visit the farm to enrich their understanding and relationship.

    • Bee Heaven Farm
      About: locally-grown organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and added-value items from local organic growers in and around the Redland area of southern Miami-Dade County, in South Florida
      Features unique options like: Key West sea salt, goat cheese, organic eggs, honey, South Florida organic rice, Redland-raised tilapia, weekly newsletter with recipes, tips and pictures of the share items.
      For more info on enrollment options click here

    • Little River CSA
      About: same-day harvested vegetables (many heirloom), some fruits, herbs and flowers to be picked up weekly on the farm in Little Haiti where it’s all grown (Pickup weekly Saturdays Nov-April). 
      Features unique options like: garden visits, member potlucks at the garden, workshops on food preservation, (i.e. tomato sauces, pickles, pesto, jams, etc). Occasional fresh baked bread on pick-up day, and free-range eggs.
      For more info on enrollment options click here

    • Teena's Pride CSA
      About: weekly deliveries of locally grown, hand-packed varieties of heirloom and red tomatoes, spring mix lettuce, arugula and a selections of other vegetables that are ready for harvest (squash, eggplant, cucumbers, and peppers and many more) from their 3rd generation family farm in the Redlands. Plus each month, an assortment of freshly-harvested herbs are added.
      Features unique options like: special recipes and offers and cooking classes on the farm.
      For more info on enrollment options click here.

  • Produce Buying Clubs
    Buying clubs offer a great way to access fresh, seasonal food in a convenient and economical way. Consumers benefit from their combined buying power to purchase goods from a variety of farms and producers at a more economical cost. The shares offer a variety of the best goods available that week - identified by the club's particular expertise and connection with their farmers and producers. They always seek to offer a range of staples plus new items to inspire your meal planning.

    • Endlessly Organic
      About: Organic fruits, vegetables and more, sourced and selected from organic farms, available for pick-up throughout Miami every other week. 
      Features unique options like: Free-range eggs, Grass-fed beef, Raw Nuts, and more! All produce USDA Certified organic. Members-only events like cooking classes, movie screening, lectures, and tastings.

    • Farm Fresh Miami
      About: a one-stop shop committed to bringing members the freshest organic food, grown as close to home as possible, all year long with over 30 pick-up locations in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.
      Features unique options like: Produce is harvested locally, fresh, to-order from November-May (outside local harvest, partner with Eastern farms first) Starting Sept: customize shares by adding a la carte staple items or an extra berry share; or by adding farm fresh eggs, and homemade specialties like fresh juices, nut butters, granola and more.

    • Wholesome Grocer
      About: South Florida, non-profit online Farmer’s Market from Once Upon A Carrot (anchor link to this Educational resource in our list), posting goodies from growers, ranchers, local fisherman, artisans and farmer’s market vendors around the State of Florida who offer clean, organic and nutrient-dense foods. See link for pick-up locations or delivery to your door.
      Features unique options like: handcrafterd artisan products, wild fish, meat and poultry, eggs and dairy; home delivery; proceeds support cooking and garden programs in public schools in the Miami area. 
    • Healthy Habits
      About: currently serving the South Miami area with about 30+ pounds of fresh organic produce every two weeks for members.
      Features unique options like: organic eggs from free-range hens as well as dairy and meat products (based on group interest). 

  • Local Proteins

    Greenbyrd Farm 
    Provides non-gmo pasture-raised poultry & eggs, servicing the counties of Miami-Dade, Sarasota, Charlotte, and Desoto. Greenbyrd Farm products are free from antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives. Local farming, environmental sustainability, & animal welfare are its guiding principles. 

    Seriously Protein (from Seriously Organic) 
    About: A food sourcing service with the mission to find the best, most sustainable, and ethically raised regional produce, meat, and fowl in State of Florida, and distribute it throughout Miami.
    Features unique options like: all Florida proteins - all the beef, lamb, pork, duck, goat, and chicken are hormone- and antibiotic-free, humanely treated, and pasture-raised on small Florida Farms. Lake Meadow Naturals eggs & chickens. Winter Park Dairy cheese.

    See also Wholesome Grocer, Farm Fresh Miami, and Healthy Habits

Farmers Markets (back to top)

See our Calendar of Events and listings at: The Market Company,  Edible South Florida  and

Local Growers (back to top)

  • All Locall Grown Produce 
    20025 SW 270th Street
    Homestead, FL 33031
    Known for Teena's Pride gorgeous heirloom tomoatoes, also arugula and spring lettuces, aromatic herbs, heritage eggplant, peppers and a variety of vegetables. First Sunday of the Month from November through April from 1-4pm. CSA farm subsription service also available. 

  • Bee Heaven Farm (Pikaro)
    Certified organic vegetables, herbs, tropical fruit, edible flowers, avocados, and certified organic eggs. Located at Pincrest Gardens Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Bee Heaven Farm also provides CSA Farm Subscription Service.

  • Greenbyrd Farm
    Provides non-gmo pasture-raised poultry & eggs, servicing the counties of Miami-Dade, Sarasota, Charlotte, and Desoto. Greenbyrd Farm products are free from antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives. Local farming, environmental sustainability, & animal welfare are its guiding principles.
    11538 SE Shelfer Ave Arcadia, FL 34266
    Phone: 305 207-7038

  • G.R.O.W.
    Green Railroad Organic Workshop or G.R.O.W. was created to serve as a platform to explore the possibilities and effects of urban farming. The Miami Grow Project has turned dead spaces into educational farmland serving as a tool to educate the community.
    2950 NW 74th Ave Miami, FL 33122-1426
    Phone: 305 477-2894

  • Guara Ki
    Specializes in Tropical Fruits.
    22150 SW 272 St. Miami, FL 33173 
    Phone: 305 323-8858

  • Strawberry Field of Kendall
    Farm Stand and U-Pick soil based crops: herbs, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries.
    Field 1
    9600 SW 137th Avenue, Kendall, FL 33186
    Phone: 305-322-3388
    Field 2
    167th Avenue; Miami, FL 33196
    Phone: 305-322-3388

  • Health and Happiness Farm
    5 acres of Wheatgrass, Longans, Vegetables, and Mamey Sapote.
    19405 Sw 280th Street Homestead, FL 33031-3316
    Phone: (305) 248-4505

  • Homestead Organic Farms, Inc
    27450 SW 177th Ave Homestead, FL 33031
    Phone: 305-247-7072
    Grower, packer, and shipper of fruits and vegetables. Specializes in mangoes and other tropical fruits, avocadoes, winter vegetables, and green beans.

  • Paradise Farms
    19801 SW 320th St
    Homestead, FL 33030
    Phone: 305-248-4181
    Certified organic greens, edible flowers, herbs, micro-greens, fruits and vegetables and more. Know for signature Dinner-In-Paradise featuring Miami’s top chefs. Dinners are held from December-April.

  • PNS Farms
    14390 SW 199th Ave Miami, FL 33198
    Specializes in organic eggs and tropical fruits. Not open to the public, by appointment only.

  • Redland Mediterranean Organics
    7758 88th St Miami, FL 33156
    Goat milk ice cream and cheeses made fresh from Redland Mediterranean 
    Organic’s pastured goats.

  • Redland Organics
    Redland Organics is a group of organic growers, consumers, business affiliates, and other interested parties located in the Redlands area.

  • Sunshine Organic Farms
    23040 SW 187th Ave Miami, FL 33170
    10 acres of certified organic vegetables, cut flowers, and herbs. Specializing in tomatoes

Community Gardens (back to top)
  • Coconut Grove: Roots of the Grove
    15 plots. Across from the St. Matthews Community Missionary Baptist Church.
    3196 Plaza Street; Coconut Grove, FL 33133.
  • Cutler Bay: Cutler Ridge Park Community Garden
    32 plots.
    10100 SW 200th Street; Culter Bay, FL 33189.
    Contact: Fred Bobson at 305.238.4166
  • Little Haiti Community Garden
    Create your own plot from lots of space. $35 per year plot rental fee.
    5804 NE 2nd Avenue; Miami, FL 33137.
  • Little River: Earth-N-Us
    Communal gardening: work on a communal garden and share in what is produced.
    7630 NE 1st Avenue; Miami, FL 33138.
    Contact: Linda McGlathney 917.622.3545
  • Miami Beach: North Beach Community Garden
    46 plots. 7350 Dickens Avenue; Miami Beach, FL 33141.
    Contact: Rhonda Gracie at 305.673.7000 x6311
  • Miami Beach: Joseph Villari Victory Garden
    50 plots. 226 Collins Avenue; Miami Beach, FL 33139.
    Contact: Rhonda Gracie at 305.673.7000 x6311
  • North Miami: Heroes Unite Garden
    12 plots. Located in the Enchanted Forest/Elaine Gordon Park.
    1725 NE 135th Street; Miami, FL 33167.
    Contact: Alice Billman at 305.981.7780
  • Miami Beach: Pine Tree Park Community Garden
    78 plots. In Pinetree Park directly in front of the parking lot (somewhat hidden by trees).
    4401 Pinetree Drive; Miami Beach, FL 33140.
    Contact: Rhonda Gracie at 305.673.7000 x6311
  • Surfside Urban Gardeners Community Garden
    12 plots. Located in the northwest corner of 89th Street and Dickens Avenue. $15 membership fee to join Surfside Urban Gardeners; $25 per year whole plot rental fee; $15 per year half plot. Currently on a waiting list for available plots
    8900 Dickens Avenue; Surfside, FL 33154.
    Conact: Melissa
  • Miami Beach: Pine Tree Park Community Garden
    Communal gardening; gardeners take home 50% of the produce and donate 50% to be sold at the campus farmers’ market. Located between the nature preserve and the baseball stadium. 11200 SW 8th Street; Miami, Florida 33199.
    Contact: Brian Tome at 786.797.4541, Miles Medina at 305.510.7560 or the Agroecology program office at 305.348.0186. (on Facebook)

Produce Seasonality Calendar (back to top)

The height of South Florida's season typically runs November through April/May- depending on item and area. But there is always something local and fresh available!

Click the link to be directed to the seasonality charts from the Florida Department of Agriculture's helpful website
Typical Harvest Times (Jan-Dec)
Or click by month to see what's in season now

Educational Resources For Teachers & Parents (back to top)

Teacher Workshop Materials (coming soon)

Florida Dept of Agriculture website: Educational & Classroom Resources from for Kids, Students & Teacher 

Once Upon A Carrot: a Miami community-based organization dedicated to solve the obesity crisis by teaching young people and their families about nutrition and making balanced and healthy food choices.Education programs are Grow it (gardening) Cook it (cooking and large group fruit and vegetable demonstrations)

Rudd Roots Parents: a trove of resources gathered nationally by the people at the Rudd Center for Food Policy at Yale University

Whole Foods Market : tips on nutrition guidelines and for making whole foods fun and easy for kids and families 

Good Individual Studies

Cooking Classes (back to top)

The Naked Bite: Organic cooking classes using local and seasonal ingredients. Mostly plant based recipes with vegan and gluten-free options. Schedule found at link and also delivered with helpful tips and recipes when you sign up for their email newsletter.


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Artisan Purveyors

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