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Local Resources for Chefs, Cooks, Caterers  and Artisan Food & Beverage Makers.

Jose Bolchini, Jonathan Pena, & Pablo La


The Slow Food Miami Chef’s Alliance intends to create a collaboration and inspire more communication between chefs and farmers, and to connect the dots within our culinary community to create stronger ties and easier accessibility for food produced in the Slow Food way; Good, Clean, and Fair. 

We strive to elevate the dining scene in Miami by offering this support and inspiring dialogue, assisting however we can to bring more locally sourced and sustainably farmed and raised products to the Miami marketplace.

This movement is fairly new to Miami, but for years, conscientious chefs from across the globe have pledged themselves as Slow Food allies. Whether practicing their art in Michelin starred restaurants, food trucks, neighborhood cafes or festival tents, these chefs show their support and commitment through scratch cooking, utilization of locally sourced products, and structuring their businesses in a way that speaks to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

We honor the chefs in Miami who are already on this Slow Food track, and we aim to assist those who are just learning, and who strive to become a Slow Food recognized chef or producer.

Alem, Roderick, & Samadhi


Chef’s Alliance is here to help- beginners to experts- however we can to elevate the farm-to-table experience here, in South Florida.

  • We ask chefs to create partnerships with local producers, and to change menus as local seasons change.

  • We ask chefs to draw attention to the producers by including information about them on their menus and in their restaurants, and to educate staff in order to help spread the mission and concept to diners.

  • We ask that chefs pay attention to ingredients, and avoid ingredients and products that are harmful to guests or the environment.

  • We ask that chefs take interest in supporting initiatives that help the environment, such as growing food onsite, recycling, composting, and ordering from companies that reduce packaging and waste.

  • We ask that chefs rise above “the norm,” and make a positive impact on their community and environment through their sourcing choices, the activities in which they partake, and the materials they use.

Cheryl Arnold, Lisa Merkle, & Claudia De


Chef’s Alliance is here to help our local chefs rise above the norm. Join our newsletter list to stay up to date with current opportunities, events and Slow Food news. 

If you meet the requirements to be a Snail of Approval Chef, please email us to apply.

Our annual Snail of Approval Honoree Party happens each Spring, but we are always accepting new applications. Slow Food approved chefs have the opportunity to host "Snail Socials", our monthly happy hour program, and to be guest chefs at our Hidden Kitchen fundraisers and school garden plantings. 

If you have an idea for a seminar, event or social, we can help you make it happen. Join us!

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