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Slow Fish is an international campaign and series of gatherings that bring together fish harvesters with chefs, youth, farmers, and seafood eaters. The goal is to turn the tide away from industrial seafood and toward the blue commons and seafood that is good, clean, and fair for all.

Join us as we discover and learn from each other what it means to support #slowfish in South Florida. 



More than 80% of the seafood we eat in the U.S. is imported, yet we catch and harvest enough nationally to feed ourselves. The average boat-to-plate journey is over 5,000 miles. We can do better than this, anchored to the Slow Food vision of food that is good, clean, and fair for all:

GOOD is wholesome, seasonal, local, fresh, and delicious.

CLEAN preserves biodiversity, sustains the environment, and nourishes a healthy lifestyle for both humans and animals.

FAIR honors the dignity of labor from boat to plate, the diversity of cultures and traditions in the United States, and strengthens awareness of our ocean as a public commons resource. This food is accessible for everyone to enjoy. 

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