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Each year Slow Food Miami awards a new group with the coveted Snail of Approval and honors past nominees at the Snail of Approval Tasting Parting. Often referred to as Miami's Freshest Night Out. 

Nominate your establishment - or one you love - that demonstrates

a commitment to providing good, clean, fair food & drink in Miami. 

Winners of the Miami Chapter must prove their commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients, and be able to show that they source regularly from at least 2 local sources, with locally sourced “main” ingredients showcased in AT LEAST 4 dishes on the menu.



Nominate Restaurants, Chefs, Purveyors, Artisan Food & Beverage-makers. 

Here are a few questions to consider to gauge which business are a good fit:

Are most of the dishes prepared from scratch with raw basic ingredients?

Do your dishes change to reflect seasonal availability?

Do you support other local artisans who use quality ingredients?

Do you use heirloom varieties and heritage breeds that are true to their evolutionary history.

Do you have a vegetable or herb garden, or grow anything on premise?

Does your establishment make use of organic and sustainable ingredients?

Is there an attempt to minimize packaging, or use “green” alternatives when available?

Does your establishment compost or recycle?

Do you participate in events that enrich the community or neighborhood?

Are there ingredients listed on your menu that are clearly designated as coming from a specific local producer?

Do you offer local and sustainable seafood sources?

Do you offer plant based offerings on your menu?

Are the concepts of good, clean, fair, local, and sustainable part of your menu concept, messaging, and marketing of your business?

Please describe below what special contributions your nominee makes to a good, clean, fair food supply. You can tell us about the foods and beverages they provide, the products they use and where they come from, the traditions they represent, the owners, artisans or employees, anything you think qualifies your nominee for a Snail of Approval.

Thanks for submitting!

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